Our focus on Agriculture, rural development and environment is aimed at raising the living standards of the rural communities and environmental sustainability. The majorities of all the people who live in poverty reside and work in rural areas. Many are farmers who live poorly because of lack of land and investment possibilities, impoverishment of the soil, low productivity, poor infrastructure and poor access to markets. Agriculture is of vital importance for ensuring that food is available, for generating incomes for the poor and for increasing economic growth.

In most countries, an increase in Agricultural production has formed the foundation of poverty reduction. In order to increase production, the poor farmers need increased knowledge, better access to land, technological advances, and to credits and markets. However national international policies are often biased against the poor people in rural areas. A lack of investments in rural areas and unfavourable agricultural policies in many countries keeps people in poverty. Trade policies and global competition are a threat to farmers from the poor developing countries, which have few possibilities to compete on the export market, and are threatened by subsidized imports from rich countries. The prices of agricultural commodity products continue to be very low, while the export of processed agricultural products is made difficult by the number of protectionist trade barriers.

The smallholder farmers within the national markets like in the international markets are also threatened by the global chains, which are rapidly eliminating small local producers and trading companies.

Our vision

A thriving, sustainable agriculture and environmental protection in the rural developing world.

Our Goal

To ensure that poor rural people have better access to knowledge, the skills and organization they need to take advantage of natural resources especially secure access to information, and improved natural resource management and conservation practices; improved agricultural technologies and effective production services; a broad range of financial services; transparent and competitive markets for agricultural inputs and produce.

Our Objectives

  • To build the agricultural development capacity of the rural people through training and development.
  • To build the competitiveness of agricultural production through the provision of targeted and relevant market information.
  • To enhance the global competitiveness of agricultural production through targeted research.
  • To ensure the development of new and diverse products that will enhance and strengthen agricultural produce.
  • To promote value adding processing of agricultural produce.
  • To enhance animal health, production, development and welfare and ensure the effective prevention, control and eradication of economically important Zoonotic animal diseases.
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of existing areas of agricultural production.
  • To reduce dependency on imports where viable local potential and capacity exists.
  • To promote new export opportunities that will enable large, medium and small scale farmers’ participation in global markets.
  • To promote natural and community based sustainable resource use and environmental management.

To facilitate environmental information management for informed decision making.