AHADI works in partnership with other NGOs, the government, the private sector, the corporate organizations and community Based organizations with similar objectives.
Our programs revolve around our goals. These are education, health, HIV/AIDS, women/youth empowerment and Agriculture.
We recognize that many poor children and orphans are likely to drop from school due to several reasons. Free primary education in Kenya has led to an increase in the number of pupils enrolling in schools. This has put pressure on resources in many schools including classes and teacher pupil ratio leading to poor performance in examinations. Other factors that affect access to education in Kenya include; geographical remoteness, cultural practices like early marriages and female genital mutilation and poverty and HIV/AIDS.
Accessible, affordable and quality education at all levels.
In education our goal is to improve the access, affordability and quality of basic education and academic achievement.
a) Ensure better early caring and learning environments for young children through nursery schools.
b) Increase access to education
c) Educate the AIDS orphans and poor children
d) Raising levels of academic achievement
e) Encourage technical training for those who do not manage to continue with schooling.

To achieve these goals and objectives we partner with professional groups, the government, boarding schools and other NGOs to campaign for academic achievement and educate the poor children and OVC through sponsorship. Poor orphans and vulnerable children are admitted to boarding schools where they stay in the school for the whole term and are allowed to visit their families during the holidays. This gives them opportunity to concentrate in their studies.
AHADI promote reading culture among the youth and people who would like to read in pursuance of their careers and leisure. By reading people will broaden their knowledge and reduce ignorance. It will also keep the youth busy. Konoin community Library is one of such initiative
1. Achievers Campaign
2. AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children education
3. Scholarship/Education loans
4. Nomads schools
5. Konoin Community Library