AHADI was registered as a Non Governmental Organization on March 2007. It came into existence as a result of several community Based Organizations and individuals with similar goals coming together to form an organization that would unite them and advocate for rural communities through education, health and economic activities through meaningful development strategies.

The following are the organizations affiliated with AHADI:

  1. Faith Health Care Center– Registered in 2004 as a CBO in Nakuru district with the goal of improving the primary health care of residents of Mau forest (Ogiek) and Olenguruone Division.
  2. Manyatta Health Care Services- Operate in Kericho Town and providing health services to the low income residents of Nyagacho, a low income residential area in Kericho town. Registered in 2003.
  3. Kimori/Kobel mission, Kimarwandi schools- Founded in 1998 with the goal of providing basic education, it is now sponsoring with other donors more than 100 orphans and poor children. Kobel mission is a branch of Kimori academy.
  4. Konoin Community Library- As the name implies the library is a community initiative with the purpose of providing library services to the residents of Konoin constituency in Bureti district so as to reduce illiteracy and promote reading culture among the residents.
  5. Etwe Young Farmers Self Help Group- Is a CBO registered and operating in Cheptalal location in Bureti district with the goal of encouraging the youth to participate in farming practices.
  6. Neranik Youth Group- Is a registered Youth CBO operating in Kiptenden location in Bureti District.
  7. kipkoibet Professional Jua Kali Youth group- is a youth group which does metal fabrication in the rural part of Bureti district.

AHADI emphasize the crucial role of strong grassroots Organizations to forge new models for partnerships involving government, business and community based Organizations to extend, improve and sustain health, education and economic services for rural communities.